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Safety is our top priority at Upward Drone Solutions. By keeping our drone operators safely on the ground, we eliminate the hazards of traditional exterior cleaning. No open scaffolding or equipment-laden workers dangling from safety harnesses. 


Our specially designed drones can operate at heights of up to 125 feet. Whether your property is two stories or ten – we have the exterior cleaning solution for you. 


No more expensive crane rentals or ever-growing labor costs. Our quotes are based on your square footage (or number of windows) and the extent of cleaning needed.


Without large structural equipment to set up or time-intensive procedures to follow, our teams are entirely mobile. Drone cleaning your entire building takes mere hours, rather than days or even weeks.

You may be wondering - why does it matter? Why should you clean your building exteriors, anyway? The answer is simple: to protect your investment and your reputation. 


Over time, mold and mildew can damage structural integrity and pose health and safety risks to residents, clients and employees. Acidic algae, moss and other types of growth can break down your shingles and siding, leaving your building vulnerable to water damage. Stains from animal waste, pollution and dirt can build up on and around structures, increasing your overall utilities and maintenance costs (especially following severe weather.) 


In addition, a dingy, stained or dirty commercial building exterior is the bane of a good first impression. A client’s perception of a company begins before they ever set foot inside, or encounter an employee or representative. It starts, quite literally, at first sight.


Upward Drone Solutions provides a safe, affordable, and effective option to managing these concerns. Let us help you improve your company’s reputation and reduce your maintenance costs. Get a quote today!

A longtime aviation enthusiast, Andy Godfrey traded flying helicopters and planes for drone technology, becoming certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2018. Formerly a professional golf player, business owner, Andy embraced the awesome potential of using drone technology to provide innovative solutions for businesses. Andy launched Upward Drone Solutions in 2019 to bring safety, efficiency, and cost savings to the outdated commercial cleaning sector.


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